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Let’s Talk! M.I Abaga Blasts Olamide, Phyno, Reminisce In New Song, Asked Them “To Fix Up Their Lives”

Whether anybody likes it or not,M.I‘s new song, “You Rappers Fix Up Your Life” is an obvious shade directed at successful rappers who are currently reaping the fruit of their versatility as good singers.

Seriously, I don’t know why the self acclaimed Chairman M.I Abaga has decided to revive is own drowning music career with what looks more like a Diss Track which I believe is aimed at Olamide, Reminisce, Phyno and Other versatile Nigerian rappers.

M.I Abaga is seriously going the way of Eedris Abdul Kareem and it will make no sense if top notch Rappers like Olamide, Phyno, Reminisceand others ever replies him.

Other upcoming Rappers are currently roasting him with a Reply Diss Track, Guess that’s the kind of Cheap Fame is looking for to Revive his troubled music career.

I call them versatile rappers because of their ability to also excel as a singer. Olamide, Reminisce, Phyno hit the limelight with nothing buthardcore rap appreciated by many music lovers. The fact that they decided to commercially take over the music industry with more of groovy dance tracks does not make them useless rappers with no life just as M.I has claimed.


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