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 news:who is Nigerian singer hustler of the year 

For years on end, we all have been forced to swallow all sorts of grass to grace story accompanied with ‘at the moment’ braggadocios unmerited personas, all in a bid to remain the hottest news of the day or week.

Yes, a few did tell the actual story and have worked their asses off to attain the success they are today enjoying while others added some sort of hustle to their already privileged  background, all in all, we have some hell bent hustlers in the industry.

This list comprises of artistes who have done immense work for  their brand this year; attained that deserving level of success/almost there success, topped charts, had sold out shows , basically worked their asses of this year with amazing results to show for it.

So, guys, we all have witnessed many of these changes from these artistes and can categorically say, ‘this act’ is deserving of the Hustler of the year award. With that being said, who would you crown as the music hustler of the year?


2017 has seen the singer releasing his highly anticipated EP ‘Sounds From the Otherside,’ snagging several nominations; international and local, topping charts for weeks and becoming one of the few Africans to have a sold-out show at the Royal Albert Hall in London, to include other sold out shows in and outside the country, compared to last year, the singer has sure improved on his hustling game.


Davido not only snagged major musical nominations in and outside the country. He has 2 of the country’s biggest songs for the year 2017 and of course his 30 Billion tour which was a huge success to include other massively successful shows in and out of the country.


In my opinion, Skales is the ultimate definition of hustling in Nigeria.’Since his emergence on the scene, Skales has wobbled between the known and ‘we don’t give a fuck’ about you levels in the music industry but still stayed true to the game. Although his debut album was nothing to write home about, he managed to score with a  few tracks on it.


Real fans of the boss….fill in his achievements for the!!!

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